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Welcome to Gun Nutz Canada , your premier destination for high-quality ammunition in Canada. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting, finding the right ammunition is crucial for your shooting experience. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the top ammunition options currently available in our stock, designed to meet the needs of every gun enthusiast.

Wide Range of Ammunition Available

At Gun Nutz Canada , we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of ammunition to cater to various shooting disciplines, including hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. Here are some of the top choices available now:

7mm PRC Canada cz bren 2 canada ws mcr canada

38 s&w canada 303 British Ammo Canada 6.8 western ammo canada 410 ammo canada flamethrower canada fx9-canada Reliable Gun Canada type 81 canada Small Pistol Primers in Canada cz shadow 2 canada 300 wsm ammunition canada 9mm Ammo Canada sks canada 6.5 creedmoor ammo canada 6.5 prc ammo canada benelli m4 canada gsg 16 canada m1 garand canada ruger canada tavor x95 canada glock canada 9mm ammo canada 45acp canada 357 ammo canada

50 ae canada 44 mag ammo canada 10mm ammo canada 30-06 ammo canada 17 wsm ammo canada

32 special ammo canada timney triggers SIG Tango MSR 1-10 Winchester 3030 357 Ammo Mini Draco

7mm prc brass CMC TRIGGERs Geissele trigger 11 percussion caps 30-30 ammo 338 lapua ammo 458 win mag brass m&p 15-22 magazine speer gold dot 223 5.7 Ammo 7.62 x 39 Brass 6.5 carcano brass

7.5 swiss ammo fn45 IMR 4895 sabot slugs 12 gauge 325 wsm ammo 32-20 Ammo 25 20 winchester

375 cheytac tac con 3mr glock 9mm 100 round drum colt 38 super 30 378 weatherby mosin nagant

350 legend ammo daniel defense 300 blackout upper rpd for sale aguila 22lr 270 wsm ammo 17 remington m16 for sale 338 norma magnum 458 socom brass 44 mag brass 220 swift ammo 375 ruger ammo Glock 41 ak 105 35 whelen ammo Small Pistol Primers 7.62×39 ammo 700 nitro express

480 ruger ammo Henry Big Boy Henry Golden Boy zpap92 binary trigger 5.45×39 ammo 6mm creedmoor 223 ammo 6.5 grendel brass 6m mossberg 940 jm prom arc ammo 300 blackout ammo 35 remington ammo 0jm pro mossberg 94 300 Savage ammo 22 hornet LM 38 Winchester Deer Season 7.62×54 45 acp ammo Fiocchi 9mm Winchester Silvertip Aguila 9mm Federal Hydra-Shok eotech exps2 sig tango 4

cci ammunition Fiocchi Large Rifle Primer 209 SHOTSHELL PRIMER 308 bullets 300 prc brass

cfe blk winchester 231 savage a22 magazine 38 special brass hodgdon hp38 hodgdon titegroup

38 super brass 308 Brass

Why Choose Our Ammunition?

Our selection at is meticulously curated to ensure that you have access to the best ammunition for any purpose. Here’s why our customers trust us for their ammunition needs:

Shop with Confidence

Shopping for ammunition online has never been easier. At, we ensure a smooth shopping experience, from browsing our selection to the fast and secure checkout process. Plus, our knowledgeable customer service team is always here to help you make an informed choice.


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